Why would you upgrade your PS4 with an SSD? Just ‘Cause!


Time to unleash chaos and carnage! Whether you’re looking for some hack ‘n slash action while playing Hunter in Bloodborne or are trying rid the world of General Di Ravello in Just Cause 3, I am sure you’ve also spent some time behind that PlayStation 4 during the holidays.

I’ve got my chips, dips, drink and…what the fuzzy duck?! Still loading? I don’t have time to wait this long, I’ve got stuff to blow up and mutants to kill! Sound familiar? Well, as you might recall from my last blog post on gaming performance in December, following the launch of Fallout 4, gamers reported a lot of stut…stut…stuttering. Turns out, the problems seen while playing this game were only the tip of the performance issue-related iceberg. In a recent article, Eurogamer.net showed that while your favourite game might be playable on the PS4, you’re likely to experience loading times of over a minute more frequently. Surely that can’t be right? Well there is a solution at hand.

As solid state drives become more affordable you might want to consider replacing the HDD with a new SSD, but you may be wary about expensive SSD prices. After all, you probably prefer console gaming for its affordability so you may not be looking to break the bank on an upgrade. No problem, even a value drive like the 480GB OCZ Trion 150 SSD can greatly improve your gaming experience. Whereas enthusiast-grade drives, like the Vector 180, are very good at writing data, loading a game is considered a read action and value drives will be able to deliver the same great high performance SSDs are known for.

Looking for the data to back up that claim? Have a look for yourself:



So what are you waiting for? Spawn into action and join the war on lag!

Did you already upgrade your gaming console and enjoy the speed that SSDs have to offer? Share your experience with us via #OCZexperience.


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