OCZ SSD Guru Tool – Help Your Drive Thrive


Though being one of the first SSD providers to offer a “toolbox” for our SSDs, it was time for OCZ to launch a next generation SSD management tool. Meet your SSD’s new best friend, SSD Guru. With the hardcore enthusiast in mind, this feature-rich SSD management software tool was designed to let you have GodMode-like capabilities when it comes your OCZ SSD. Maintenance, monitoring, SSD tuning, OS optimization and more are now right at your fingertips.

Oldies, but Goodies                                                              

Our legacy toolbox housed the most critical features end users needed to oversee and maintain their SSDs. These features aren’t going anywhere, but the new UI makes it easier than ever to get in and get out.

  • Firmware Updates
    Easily update your firmware right here in SSD Guru to enhance performance and stability.
    New in SSD Guru: If an update to either SSD Guru, or the SSD firmware itself is available, you can set SSD Guru to notify you.  You can still sign up for email notifications here.
  • Secure Erase
    Permanently erase all data on the SSD and leave it in an unformatted state. This option is ideal for anyone that is reinstalling an OS on their SSD and would like a fresh start.
  • SMART Data
    View your drive’s SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) data attributes.
    New in SSD Guru: Entry-level users may find it easier to read SMART data now that SSD Guru indicates what the attributes represent with an Endurance, Functionality, or Information icon as well as additional details if you click the attribute itself.

Dashboard for Dummies

If you are like most people, you want a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know. The SSD Guru dashboard does just that. The dashboard displays all the critical information that you need to know about your OCZ SSD including:

  • Storage capacity
  • Interface speed and port
  • Drive health
  • Firmware update status


Get Your Tweak On

The Tuner tab in SSD Guru puts the power to fine-tune your drive in your hands. With our roots in overclocking (OCZ stood for OverClockerZ), we know how important it is for enthusiasts to have the ability to tweak their components for peak performance.

  • SSD Tuner
    Here you can optimize the performance of your SSD by forcing a TRIM command as well as adjusting the drive’s overprovisioning to improve its performance over its lifetime. We recommend only advanced users tinker with these settings.
  • OS Tuner
    Deciding on operating system settings is incredibly easy with the OS Tuner module. Select from three modes: Reliability, Performance, and Capacity to quickly optimize your SSD. For ultimate flexibility, advanced users can play around with the custom setting as well.

.ZIPpier Support

In the event you have some installation questions or are having issues, SSD Guru has what is called SSP, or Save Support Package.  By clicking the “Save” button, SSD Guru will save a host report in a .zip file format. This file can then be used when emailing our support team directly, streamlining the process and enabling quicker technical support.

Here is a full breakdown of added features:


Currently, SSD Guru works with all OCZ Barefoot 3 based SSDs (legacy OCZ SSD owners can still use the OCZ Toolbox). Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback about your experience in the comments.

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Commitment-phobes. Commitment-phobes everywhere.


I think it’s time we talk. You seem to have a real fear of commitment. Results from our last poll show that almost a third (27%) of you are a regular pre 2014 George Clooney when it comes to your PC. You just can’t seem to stop playing the field and find it impossible to resist the temptation of getting that new SSD even though you already have three. And who can blame you? :)

However, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, 19% of you are in it for life (the PC’s life that is) and your PC will have to crash and burn before you’ll even think about investing in a new component, much less a new system.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway poll. Ryan R. in Ontario, Canada was the lucky recipient of a RevoDrive 350 960GB SSD! Check back for more giveaways coming soon. Until then, please seek help for your commitment issues.

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Giveaway: What kind of relationship do you have with your PC?


Roses are red. Violets are blue. Giveaways are sweet and polls are too. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, our latest giveaway is about relationships. Tell us what kind of relationship you have with your PC and you will be entered to win an OCZ 960GB SSD of your choice: a) RevoDrive 350 PCIe or b) the soon to be released Vector 180 SATA SSD. Two runner-ups will receive OCZ t-shirts and swag. Open worldwide! For our full contest rules, go here.

Facebook users, submit your answer at the bottom of the page or visit our Facebook page.

Twitter users, vote by using the hashtag #OCZSuperPoll960.

Good luck!

You catch a bad rap from everyone, including Miss Swift (yes, players are gonna play). You love to play the field and have a hard time committing to any one component. You’re constantly changing all aspects of your system from the fans to the PSU cables to the RAM and are finding it impossible to resist the temptation of getting that new SSD. And who can blame you? J

Power Couple
Individually, you are very powerful, but together? Together you and your system accomplish remarkable things, whether it’s rendering an HD video file that no other system can handle or setting today’s top benchmark on hwbot. You and your system are there to save the day or set the record.

You are in between systems/PC parts right now and are using a loaner or borrowing someone’s old one to get you through this limbo stage. You are saving up, seeking out the best deals, and reading reviews every day until you finally have all the parts you need to build your dream PC. Just be honest with your rebound…it has feelings too.

Serial Monogamist
You love to fully commit to your system for a couple years, spending every waking moment together, but alas, all good things must come to an upgrade. After purchasing a brand spankin’ new system, you put your old system up for sale and wish ‘her’ the best with the new owner. You hate are okay with goodbyes.

You and your PC have an open relationship. Actually, it’s not even “your” PC…the entire household/office uses it whenever they please. You long for the day when you find it exactly how you left it. But even though others use her, you know she only really loves you.

Friends with Benefits
Yes you have a computer, but you couldn’t tell us how much RAM is in it or what capacity your C drive is. All you know is you can play your favorite games on it and that’s all that matters. There’s no need to get to know your system better—that’s what your buddy in IT is for.

You cannot function without your system, and your system cannot function without you…literally. Only you know how to position the mouse cord just right so the signal works or how long to press the power button to get it up and running.

Good on Paper
Yes, your friends envy your new gaming rig and for good reason—it’s the latest and greatest. But you long for something different. You miss the tactile keyboard you used to have or you are still broken up about XP being put down. It will always be the one that got away.

Till death do us part!
Your PC is on its last leg, but you’re in it for the long haul. It has to crash and burn before you’ll even think about investing in a new component, much less a new system.



Now that you’ve read them all, cast your vote below. Voters who enter their email address will be automatically entered to win a 960GB OCZ SSD!

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Optimized SSD Firmware and Controller as Your Personal Valet for Parking Data


We all know how stressful it is to find a parking spot when you’re in a hurry, and it’s the same stress our data goes through trying to find ‘space’ on an inefficient storage device that cannot properly manage flash write allocation. There may not be endless circling honking cars or someone’s giant SUV parked well over the line boundary, but our digital data goes through the same scenarios when deciding what flash cell to finally reside in…only it doesn’t have a movie show time it’s trying to race to.   Continue reading

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Ditch the Performance-Crippling Hard Drives in Your Gaming System


If You Aren’t Using an SSD, You’re Doing it Wrong.

Gamers are a unique group of users. The performance levels that are needed to tackle the newest gaming titles are at an all-time high, and gamers are the first to snag the best and baddest graphics card or latest CPU without questioning its upgrade value. But when it comes to updating your storage, why the delay in showing your  hard drive the inside of an e-waste bin? SSDs are proven to increase fluidity of game-play as well as overall system responsiveness, but it may be difficult to put flawlessly fast installs and instant load times into perspective until you’ve actually tried it out yourself.

Continue reading

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RevoDrive vs. RAID: Be the Racecar Driver, not the Pit Crew

Race Car

OCZ is no stranger to enthusiasts who take system building into their own hands. When we launched some of the first affordable SSDs, our enthusiast customers were those early adopters that ripped out the hard drives from their desktops and laptops to treat themselves to blazing fast flash storage well before the mainstream crowd followed suit. Building your own system takes skill, and those who do know how fun it is to research the best components and spend painstaking hours piecing together each part, just to sit back and enjoy the breakneck speeds. But with more businesses and professionals taking SSDs seriously now, it requires storage to go beyond just pure performance. Today’s professional storage solutions must be easy to install, monitor, and support at the system level. That’s where the RevoDrive 350 SSD comes in.

Continue reading

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